Croatia players are grateful to the goalkeeper

After Croatia defeated Brazil on penalties in the 2022 World Cup quarterfinals, Lovro Majer, Mislav Orsic, and Bruno Petkovic paid tribute to the goalie Dominik Livakovic.

Petkovic noted after the victory against Education City on December 9 that “Livakovic usually makes things simpler for us when protecting the goal.” “Many players experienced cramping at the conclusion of the challenging game. But we exhibited courage and trust. Croatia can accomplish everything in this way.”


Neymar’s brilliant dribble past the goalkeeper and subsequent shot into Croatia’s ceiling at the conclusion of the first extra time tied the first quarterfinal of the 2022 World Cup. Alisson Becker gave up after Mislav Orsic stretched over for Petkovic to kick one touch and strike the Brazilian player to reverse direction.

When he stopped Rodrygo’s opening kick during the brainstorming round, Livakovic once more emerged as Croatia’s hero, giving his teammates the confidence they needed to successfully complete all four of the opening rounds. When Marquinhos sent the ball to the post, Croatia didn’t need a fifth shot to defeat Brazil 2-4.

Petkovic emphasized that the equalizer against Brazil was the most valuable goal of his career and could not find words to describe his feelings. “My father Jakov always said that I would score. Maybe it would be better if I listened to him more often. I felt a burning sensation in my body,” added the 28-year-old striker.

Orsic – who created Petkovic to equalize – also praised Livakovic as Croatia’s hero when he saved many delicious Brazilian opportunities. Before pushing Rodrygo’s penalty, Livakovic made 11 saves in 120 minutes, including 7 shots from inside the box. “Thanks to Livakovic’s saves, we maintain hope,” Orsic emphasized.

Sharing the views of his teammates, Lovro Majer praised Livakovic and the defense for nullifying Brazil’s all-star attack to help Croatia win deservedly. Majer came on in the second extra time, and successfully scored the penalty in the second.

According to Majer, Croatia now has experience and bravery on the 11m mark thanks to defeating Japan along with a historic journey at the 2018 World Cup. In Russia four years ago, Croatia defeated Denmark 3-2 in the round of 16, respectively. , Russia 4-3 in the quarterfinals when entering the penalty shootout, then beat England 2-1 in extra time in the semi-finals.

“We will focus on each game, and if everything goes according to plan, Croatia can win the 2022 World Cup,” Majer said confidently. “When Marquinhos took the penalty and hit the post, I was overwhelmed by a feeling that I can’t explain. It’s never happened to me.”

Meanwhile, Mateo Kovacic praised the team’s spirit of not giving up. “Croatia is at its strongest when in trouble and we showed it again today,” the Chelsea midfielder said. “We conceded a goal at the end of the game but we still came back. Even when we were behind, Croatia kept trying and trying to the end.”


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